Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer reading keeps kids sharp

It has been said, “If you can read, thank a teacher. If you love to read, thank a librarian.” Most adults remember wonderful summer days of swimming, playing, and traveling with family. For many, summer was also a great time for finding a cool spot and reading – not required reading, but wonderful books about horses and dogs, adventures and mysteries.

Summer reading is fun, but there is an added bonus. Don’t tell your kids this, but numerous studies have shown that summer reading programs help ensure that children retain reading and learning skills over the summer.

Fauquier County Public Library’s summer reading programs are geared to inspire reading for the fun of it. The programs take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and introduce new subjects and different genres – things kids might not learn in school, but are interested in.

The library has also designed a special summer reading program just for teens.

Weekly programs and special events — many of which the whole family can enjoy — begin June 16 and continue through Aug. 11. Register for the free programs beginning June 1.