Monday, July 23, 2007

Newsletter highlights: Space makes noise?

Librarians are information archeologists, and Fauquier librarians are constantly unearthing factual treasures. These industrious "scientists" are providing tools for you to dig up your own riches via electronic newsletters.

Ever wonder what Saturn's rings sound like or what a tadpole galaxy looks like? Would you like to print a space mural or make your own greeting cards with photos taken by the Hubble telescope?

Shelf Scene has links to truly incredible Web pages that children, teens, and adults can enjoy. Here you can experience sounds from space and images of nebulae, galaxies, the solar system, and the universe taken by the Hubble telescope.

eResource News has information about the library's ever-expanding electronic resources. A sampling of recent postings include information on a list of frequently used Web sites, news on sun screen safety, tips for creating your own book lists, and a guide to the library's investment resources.

Kiddosphere, a newsletter for children, parents, and teachers, currently features summer reading program news and recent announcements on award-winning books. Library Lounging, for teens, is featuring pictures of Harry Potter as a baby, teen program news, and links to You Tube videos.

You can "visit" the library's newsletters periodically or sign up to receive updates via e-mail.