Monday, November 19, 2007

Library helps community support middle school's challenge

Everyone in the community is invited to help Cedar Lee Middle School, Bealeton, reach its Literacy Challenge goal of 100,000 books read by the end of the school year. The challenge was issued earlier this school year by the school's principal, Mr. Steve Parker, and Fauquier County Public Library pledged to support the effort.

No matter what your age or interests, you can use the library to help Cedar Lee meet its Literacy Challenge goal. Don't have a Fauquier County Public Library card? It's easy to sign up online.

Check out the many ways the library can help you meet the Cedar Lee Literacy Challenge.

Find the perfect book by perusing:

Write book reviews to:
Visit Shelf Scene for news on what's new and interesting in the library's collection, or Kiddosphere for the latest library news for kids.

Not only books count - don't forget your online research tools.

Check out audio and downloadable books - they are great for traveling and they count, too.

Keep track of library books you've read using the library's Reading History service - then log your titles on the Cedar Lee Literacy Challenge site.

Check out the library's adult book clubs

Teachers - contact the Bealeton Library about tours or about library staff visits to schools.

Get more directions and guidelines for the Cedar Lee Literacy Challenge.