Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Children learning to protect the world, but Earth Day is for all ages

Earth Day is approaching (April 22) and children and adults have more ways than ever before to celebrate and learn about the environment.

Children will listen to stories about how litter can hurt animals and our environment at a presentation by Fauquier County Environmental Services at:

10:30 a.m. Friday, March 28, at the Warrenton Library, (540) 349-1128

The sites and resources listed below will help you celebrate the earth every day of the year.

  • Check out items at your local library covering such topics as organic gardening, recycling and the "green" movement.
  • Fauquier County Department of Environmental Services - Get the scoop on local recycling programs and services.
  • Earth Day Network - Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network (EDN) promotes environmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide.
  • Find Earth Day events worldwide and learn how much "nature" your lifestyle requires when you take the Ecological Footprint Quiz.EarthDay.gov - The official site for U.S. government events and information, provides tips on saving energy and recycling at home, classroom activities and opportunities to volunteer in your community.
  • Time for Change - World Wildlife Fund's Earth Day 2008 Web site provides ideas and tools for change, as well as e-cards, interactive games and downloadable materials in the "Connect for Earth Day" segment.
  • Freecycle.org - The Freecycle Network is a grassroots, nonprofit movement that's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. It's basically an online swap meet. The types of items "freecycled" typically include items such as computer equipment, electrical appliances, leftover building supplies, furniture and other household goods. Members have the opportunity to give and get items for free, and numerous local nonprofit organizations in each community are also members of local groups. Each group is run by a local moderator and membership is free.
  • The WarrentonVA-Freecycle is for anyone in Warrenton and the surrounding areas.
  • Kaboose.com: Earth Day - Geared at teachers and parents, this site includes fun Earth Day crafts, recipes that are easy on the environment and ways to encourage environmental awareness in children.
  • Keep America Beautiful: Kids' Zone - Children can get a list of ways to protect the environment at home and school and play the recycling game.
  • Adults will want to check out KAB's main site for resources on litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling and ways to beautify the community.
  • If you're more partial to fiction, younger readers will enjoy environment-focused titles like Carl Hiaasen's Hoot and Flush. Older readers will get a chuckle out of his 2000 novel, Sick Puppy.
Finally, don't forget that Arbor Day is April 25 - send a free e-card and/or plant a tree to celebrate!