Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Smartest' card opens doors to countless resources

Most people know that libraries offer books, magazines, movies, and music CDs to check out, but some are unaware of the many other free services and resources the library provides.

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, and Fauquier County Public Library is reminding people of the many free services and resources available at the library and through its Web site.

Library services are varied and include offerings such as career workshops, free classes for adults who wish to learn how to use the Internet, access to computers installed with word-processing and spreadsheet software, Internet access, including wireless, and free programs on a wide range of topics.

The library also offers an array of information about business, government, legal and health issues, education, literature and much more in a variety of formats, including in multi-media, print, and online. Encyclopedias, reference material and access to thousands of articles are accessible from the library Web site 24/7, which makes it a convenient and dependable source for information on almost anything you can imagine.

Surfing the Web is fun, but can be frustrating. If you want to quickly cut through a glut of ads and questionable information, using the library Web site to locate information and resources can save you time while providing reliable information.

That is why librarians are often dubbed "the original search engine." And, if you get stuck while doing research at home, you can call the library's reference desk for help. Even if it is after hours you can e-mail the reference desk and you will hear back from a librarian, usually by the following day.

E-resources, which are collections of online information, are one of the most valuable resources available to Fauquier library card holders. E-resources are accessible at the library or from your home computer.

Apply for a card today.

The library's Web site features pages for all ages, including special pages for parents, educators, adults, children and teens.

Free programs for all ages are offered year-round at the library, too. Some programs for children and teens are designed to stimulate an interest in reading and learning while others are just for fun.

Adult programs appeal to a wide range of interests with guest speakers and visiting organizations presenting their unique insights to specific subjects.