Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday reading a satisfying retreat

Some people consider reading a requisite to staying sane, especially this time of year. In spite of the hectic pace of the holiday season, they often find time to retreat to a cozy spot and read.
Holiday themes are popular fare throughout the season, and Fauquier County’s public libraries are making it easy to quickly pick up reading material.

All branches have book displays featuring holiday fiction and mysteries. The library also has a list of titles for children and adults with holiday themes in print and online.

Traveling over the holidays also presents many opportunities for reading. The library has titles in multiple formats for those who want to take advantage of every opportunity to read or listen to books. Most people are aware of the library’s collection of audio books — commuters use them on a regular basis to help eat up those tedious miles on the road. Your library card also gives you access to hundreds of e-books and e-audio books. The latter is especially popular because it is so easy to download them to listen to later on an mp3 player.

Other options for holiday reading can be found in the Friends of the Fauquier Library Book Cellar. It's a great place to buy stocking stuffers, last-minute gifts, and books to read while traveling. These books are often priced at 50 cents or a dollar - so are great for sharing with friends, relatives and even fellow travelers.

Suggested titles for giving
Library staff members have developed “Gift Suggestions” lists, popular titles to help people prepare shop for books this season. Pick up the lists for children, teens and adults at any Fauquier library. Also, check out the library's Kiddosphere for more tips for children's books and Shelf Scene for adults and the NY Times' 100 Notable Books of 2008.

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