Thursday, June 25, 2009

Senior get physically, mentally fit with Wii

Senior citizens are invited to learn to play virtual sports games at 2 p.m. every other Friday at the Warrenton Library, (540) 347-8750, ext. 6. Teen volunteers will be on hand to help participants learn how to bowl, ski, or play tennis in the virtual world.

Wii seems to be a great way to exercise and stay fit, especially for seniors, according to reports coming from community and senior centers, universities, and libraries. A recent British study, reports, suggests that playing Wii games can help seniors improve balance and help avoid falls. The fun factor is making the rate of participation higher, and the device's entertainment value is increased because virtual gaming apparently not only improves physical fitness levels, but also hones cognitive skills.

Scientists at the University of Illinois have determined that computer and video games help keep the brains of the elderly sharp, and significantly, research indicates the positive effects of video gaming are both immediate and long lasting.

The library’s Wii gaming system was purchased by the Friends of the Fauquier Library, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting library programs and other needs. Call (540) 349-1253 for more details.

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