Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Join a book club in 2010

Along with some of the most common new year resolutions - spending more time with loved ones, losing weight and becoming more fit - many people also vow to learn something new and/or enjoy themselves more.

It's understandable that as the new year starts many people decide to explore the latter two options by joining a book discussion group. Millions of people participate in book clubs and reading groups in the United States. Some estimates place the number at well over 5 million.

The reasons for joining a book discussion group are as varied as the members themselves. Some join groups to expand their horizons or to feel like they are part of the community. Some love the intellectual stimulation while others find it's a rewarding way to stay in touch with trends or to be reminded of core values.

Whatever the reasons, participating in book discussion groups enriches our lives.

Fauquier County Public Library has several book clubs, so why not make a New Year resolution to treat yourself and drop in on a few meetings. See The Readers Corner.

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