Thursday, January 28, 2010

People to 'show their love' for the library

A campaign to garner help for Fauquier County Public Library’s book budget begins Monday, Feb. 8 - just in time for Valentine’s Day. The campaign, entitled Love My Library, will continue for several months as the library struggles to supplement its book budget, which dropped $93,000 for the 2010 fiscal year.

The shortfall is a result of a worsening economy and the tightening of state and county budgets. In turn, the library’s budget was reduced, and funds for books, much of which comes from the state, was cut.

But by donating funds to purchase books and other library matierals, library patrons are giving a gift that can be enjoyed by their communities for years to come. All three of the county’s public libraries are participating in the Love My Library campaign. The branches are: Warrenton Library, Bealeton Library, and John Marshall Library.

In keeping with the theme of the Love My Library theme, each library has a “heart” tree adorned with cards displaying the costs and titles of books, magazines, audio books, and DVDs that the library would like to purchase for the community. Donors may pluck a card from the "heart" tree and return the completed form, along with a check in the amount needed to purchase the chosen title, to any library staff member. Donors will receive a card in the mail confirming their gifts and, with the donors' permission, bookplates acknowledging them will be placed in the items donated.

People may also help the library through monetary gifts in the form of bequests, memorial, and honorary contributions by contacting the library's Manager of Collection Services Fran Burke-Urr, (540) 349-1128.
Two methods of making donations are especially convenient. The online retailer has developed two unique services that directly benefit the library.

The first is a service whereby books may be donated through the library’s own Amazon Wish List. Another way to help fund the book budget through Amazon — and it costs you nothing — is to start your shopping by going to the library's Wowbrary site. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to the library and they won’t charge you any more for ordering via the Wowbrary link. This is a great and simple way to support the library, and you can do this year-round.

Have questions about donations? Contact Fran Burke-Urr. Find out more ways you can donate to the library.
See more about the library's efforts to boost the book budget.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Germanna colonists, founders of Fauquier

J. Marc Wheat, president of the Germanna Foundation, is presenting a lecture on the German colonists who first settled in an area that is part of what is now Fauquier County. The free lecture, at 3 p.m. Jan. 17, in the John Barton Payne Building, is part of a series of lectures on American history sponsored by the Fauquier Heritage Institute and Fauquier County Public Library.

Some 42 Germans of the German Reformed faith settled along the Rapidan River on the Virginia frontier during the reign of Queen Anne in 1714.
By 1720, the congregation, among the earliest Europeans to settle in what is Fauquier County today, moved to “Germantown” near present day Crockett Park. Mr. Wheat is a descendant of Rev. Henry Haeger, Germanna’s colonial pastor, and of Germanna’s Rector and Fishback families.

Contact Fauquier Heritage Institute program Co-chairs, Mrs. Paula Johnson, (540) 341-7019, or Mrs. Jackie Lee, (540) 347-0607, for more information on the lecture series or to volunteer.