Monday, March 29, 2010

'Adopt' a magazine

In these times of shrinking budgets and difficult collection choices, library supporters are coming to the aid of Fauquier County public libraries as never before. More than $4,000 in donations has been received from library supporters since mid-February.

Shoring up the budget still has a long way to go. New book purchases have slowed, and several magazine subscriptions are in danger of not being renewed.

This month, to ensure popular selections such as Newsweek, Time, and Parents remain on the shelves, the library will focus on securing its magazine subscriptions by seeking people to “adopt” them. The magazines are diverse, including topics such as news, business and financial, sports, science, music, travel, health, fashion, diet, art, collectibles, gardening, teen interests, and many more popular subjects.

Donors may choose “adoption forms” from the front of magazines on display at the Warrenton, Bealeton and John Marshall libraries. All that is required is for donors to return the completed form, along with a check in the amount needed to purchase the chosen magazine subscription, to any library staff member.

Those adopting magazines will receive cards in the mail confirming their gifts and, with their permission, acknowledgments will be placed on the magazines donated.

People may also help the library through monetary gifts in the form of bequests, memorial, and honorary contributions, and through two unique services that directly benefit the library through online retailer Find out more.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reserve your spot for Grant Writing 101 series

Fauquier County Public Library is hosting a series of workshops on grant writing basics at the Bealeton Library in April.

Ginger Hilleary, successful grant writer and executive director of Literacy Volunteers of Fauquier County, will present the workshops from 7 to 8:30 p.m. four consecutive Tuesdays beginning April 6. Participants are welcome to stay after the workshops to use the Foundation Center’s cooperating collection.

Reservations are required, and space is limited. Contact Natalie Swart, (540) 439-9728 as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion show, interview workshops helpful for job seekers

Fauquier County Public Library is working to aid job seekers on several fronts, including special programs and guidance via the library’s print, DVDs and online resources.

Two programs in April will help job seekers prepare for job interviews. The first, entitled A Well-Suited Fashion Show is being presented by the library in partnership with The Work Place, Literacy Volunteers, The Salvation Army, and Noah’s Ark Thrift Shop.

Models will show how inexpensive ensembles (for men and women) from outlets such as The Salvation Army and Noah’s Ark thrift shops, can be pulled together to demonstrate how to “dress for success,” especially for job interviews. There is no charge to attend the event, which begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 10, in the John Barton Payne Community Hall in Warrenton. Members from the Kettle Run High School orchestra are providing music for the event.

The second program is a job interview skills workshop presented in partnership with Literacy Volunteers of Fauquier County and The Work Place. The workshop will help job seekers learn skills and strategies needed for successful job interviews.

Workshops are scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 12, and 10 a.m. Saturday, April 17, at the Warrenton Library; and 10 a.m. Saturday, April 24, at the Bealeton Library.

The programs are being presented in conjunction with the Communities Thrive at the Library campaign in celebration of National Library Week, April 11-17.

See the library's Career and Employment Resources page for resources that can help people at any stage of their careers. Don't miss the Make Use of Top 3 Web sites To Build A Free Resume Online.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Author to read during story times

Susan Crites, author of I Love You More Than Rainbows, will read her book at all Fauquier County public libraries during story times for children 2 to 3 years old.

The author’s visits are slated for 10:30 a.m. Wed., March 31, at the Warrenton Library; 10:30 a.m. Thur., April 1, at the Bealeton Library; and 10:30 a.m. Fri., April 2, at the John Marshall Library.

I Love You More Than Rainbows uses fun rhymes, sweet words, vibrant illustrations, and flowing, easy-to-understand text to help children understand the words "I Love You" and what that means in their daily lives. The book won a Mom's Choice Award Gold Seal Award in 2009.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks to our donors,

As of March 8, nearly $3,000 in donations from Fauquier County Public Library patrons have been collected since mid-February when the library launched its Love My Library campaign.
More than $1,300 donated to the library has been earmarked for specific books and other items while nearly $1,500 has been monetary donations.

“We are so grateful for the people who have come forward to show their support for the library,” says Library Director Maria Del Rosso, “it’s a great start toward closing the budget gap and it has energized us to work even harder to get the word out to our patrons.”

The library plans to continue the campaign by highlighting a different way to support the collection each month, so watch for details, but see how you can help now.

Below are the names of our those who made donations to the library from Feb. 15 through March 8, 2010:

Tom Baccei
Bruce Boess for William
Gloria Bowman
Julia Bridstrup
Sven Bridstrup
Feliecia Brooks in honor of Breanna Detwiler
Feliecia Brooks in memory of John Detwiler
Marie Browning in honor of John Marshall Library staff
Vickie Burns in honor of Faith, Hannah and Hope Burnham
Priscilla Chen
Judy & Bill Clair in honor of Clair grandchildren
Julie M. Cleveland in memory of Julia Ranier
Violet Cleveland in memory of Julia Ranier
Sara Collette
William Corddry
Deborah Cosby in memory of Nelson L. Tinsley
Deborah Cosby in memory of Staff Sgt. Nelson L. Tinsley
Hilary "Pete" Costello, Jr. in memory of Beverly Jean Costello
Pam Dannaf
Peggy Dearden
Samran Funkhouser
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gookin
Steve Hadley
Juergen Hauber
Martha P. Holloran in memory of Jean Elizabeth Galbraith
John A. Jeffery
Cornelia Jennings in honor of Jane & Jim Friel
Amanda Johnson in honor of Max Johnson
Julie Jones
Julie Jones in honor of Carolyn Gail Largen
Milaki Jones in honor of Elizabeth Franklin
Joyce Kaminski in honor of Maxmillian Johnson
Judy Lamana in memory of Aggie O'Rapport
Liza Larson
Maureen Lewis
M. M. Martin
Cindy Mullins in memory of Matt Welty
Charles Murphy in memory of Jacquelin D. Murphy
Christine Petty in memory of Jean Elizabeth Galbraith
William & Lenore Plissner
Ruth P. Poland
Johnetta Pruitt in memory of Triv Towery
Ratliff Family
Gail Ritchie in memory of C. L. "Boots" Ritchie
Meghan Roddy in honor of Heldner Roddy
Barbara Rosch
Mary Keith Ruffner
Barbara & Keith Severin
Alice Shelman in memory of American Veterans
Paula Slack
Dawn J. Sowers
Beth Stenberg
Mary Thompson in honor of Sara Wilkins Warren
Leslie White in memory of Nancy T. Beydler
John Whiting
Kathleen Willingham
Jacob Wimpy
Samuel Wimpy
Trinity Wimpy
Linda Yowell in honor of Eva Merical
Linda Yowell in honor of Steven Pasquale
Zito Family

See some of the titles donated in 2009 to honor individuals.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Myths dispelled during program on 19th century ladies’ wear

Lorene Payne of the Southern Fauquier Historical Society is presenting a program entitled 19th Century Ladies’ Wear of the Americas: An Overview of Ladies’ Fashion from 1800-1890 at all Fauquier County Public Library branches.

Ms. Payne will illustrate the many elements influencing styles of dress during that period using actual clothing samples and a slide show of photographs and fashion plates. She will dispel myths and will present little-known facts, such as that by 1870 there were more than 1,000,000 mechanical sewing machines in American homes, and that “elastic” fastenings were used in suspenders and gloves in the 1820s.

Program dates and times

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Work progressing on Bealeton depot

Renovations on the Bealeton depot, part of the Bealeton Library complex, are progressing well and community residents are beginning to see a marked difference in the building’s appearance. Once the work is completed, the depot will be used as a library program room and community meeting space.

The interior has now been gutted and asbestos from the window glazing has been removed. Many of the original windows have been repaired and installed. Those that could not be repaired are being constructed using the originals as a pattern.
The photo at right shows the depot painted with its first coat of primer.
Project architect John Mott of John Milner Associates is pleased with the work completed thus far. Plans are for construction to be completed by the summer of 2010.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Children continuing to ‘Read Across America’

Children are continuing to Read Across America, figuratively, that is. The special reading event entails children reading books that are set in specific states or are about a state. After reading each book, they may place a sticker within the state’s boundaries on a giant map of the United States at the Warrenton Library throughout March.

Once they have read at least five books about, or set in, five different states, children will receive a small toy or coupon and may choose a gift book to keep. Suggested “state” titles are posted in the children’s room at the Warrenton Library.

Fauquier County Public Library's Read Across America event was inspired by the National Education Association (NEA) Read Across America program, which encourages children to read all year long through special events. Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Small firearms had impact on battles

Lon Lacey, member of Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and Color Guard Commander of the Culpeper Minute Men, is presenting a lecture entitled Small Arms Evolution and Tactical Use: Revolutionary War through the Civil War.

The free lecture — being presented at 3 p.m. Sun., March 21, in the John Barton Payne Building, Warrenton — is part of a series of lectures on American history sponsored by the Fauquier Heritage Institute and Fauquier County Public Library.

The program will analyze small arms development and availability during the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. The type, availability and capability of the small arms carried by soldiers on both sides in each of those wars had specific impact on battle tactics used and the outcome of those battles.

The analysis will include historic examples from actual military units from both the Revolutionary and the Civil War, and will include martial music and physical exhibits from the period.

“One cannot read alone and thereby truly understand the battles of this period without an understanding of the arms which were available to the soldiers at that time and how those assets were deployed," says Mr. Lacey.

Contact Fauquier Heritage Institute program Co-chairs Mrs. Paula Johnson, (540) 341-7019, or Mrs. Jackie Lee, (540) 347-0607, for more information or to volunteer.

One-on-one genealogy research help available

If you have a genealogical puzzle to solve or need some guidance for your research, you are invited to schedule a 45-minute individual visit with Reference Librarian Mary Sue Marsh to discuss your genealogy project. Sessions are available by reservation only on selected Tuesdays through May 25 at the Warrenton Library. E-mail or call (540) 347-8750, ext. 6, to check the availability of dates and to make a reservation for your session.

See more about Fauquier County Public Library genealogy resources.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quilters deliver results of children's "Bee Creative" program

Recently representatives from the Fauquier County Quilters Guild delivered quilts to all three Fauquier County public libraries.

The quilts were constructed by guild members after they presented story times and quilting bees at all the library branches (Warrenton, Bealeton, and John Marshall) during the 2009 summer reading program. Children and their families designed and colored quilting squares, some based on favorite books or characters from books, and guild members pieced together the squares afterward.

The quilts will soon be hanging in the libraries, but in the mean time, see you can get an idea of what they look like: Warrenton Library, Bealeton Library, John Marshall Library.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Love My Library donations heartening

The Love My Library campaign, designed to supplement the Fauquier County Public Library book budget through donations, is gathering momentum at all of the library’s branches.

“The response is really heartening,” says Library Director Maria Del Rosso, “and we are just getting started. It is a wonderful demonstration of how much the library means to people.”

The campaign began Feb. 8, 2010, and by the 26th the library had received $673 for specific books and other items and $350 in monetary donations.

See other ways you can support the library.