Monday, March 29, 2010

'Adopt' a magazine

In these times of shrinking budgets and difficult collection choices, library supporters are coming to the aid of Fauquier County public libraries as never before. More than $4,000 in donations has been received from library supporters since mid-February.

Shoring up the budget still has a long way to go. New book purchases have slowed, and several magazine subscriptions are in danger of not being renewed.

This month, to ensure popular selections such as Newsweek, Time, and Parents remain on the shelves, the library will focus on securing its magazine subscriptions by seeking people to “adopt” them. The magazines are diverse, including topics such as news, business and financial, sports, science, music, travel, health, fashion, diet, art, collectibles, gardening, teen interests, and many more popular subjects.

Donors may choose “adoption forms” from the front of magazines on display at the Warrenton, Bealeton and John Marshall libraries. All that is required is for donors to return the completed form, along with a check in the amount needed to purchase the chosen magazine subscription, to any library staff member.

Those adopting magazines will receive cards in the mail confirming their gifts and, with their permission, acknowledgments will be placed on the magazines donated.

People may also help the library through monetary gifts in the form of bequests, memorial, and honorary contributions, and through two unique services that directly benefit the library through online retailer Find out more.

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