Friday, March 12, 2010

Small firearms had impact on battles

Lon Lacey, member of Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and Color Guard Commander of the Culpeper Minute Men, is presenting a lecture entitled Small Arms Evolution and Tactical Use: Revolutionary War through the Civil War.

The free lecture — being presented at 3 p.m. Sun., March 21, in the John Barton Payne Building, Warrenton — is part of a series of lectures on American history sponsored by the Fauquier Heritage Institute and Fauquier County Public Library.

The program will analyze small arms development and availability during the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. The type, availability and capability of the small arms carried by soldiers on both sides in each of those wars had specific impact on battle tactics used and the outcome of those battles.

The analysis will include historic examples from actual military units from both the Revolutionary and the Civil War, and will include martial music and physical exhibits from the period.

“One cannot read alone and thereby truly understand the battles of this period without an understanding of the arms which were available to the soldiers at that time and how those assets were deployed," says Mr. Lacey.

Contact Fauquier Heritage Institute program Co-chairs Mrs. Paula Johnson, (540) 341-7019, or Mrs. Jackie Lee, (540) 347-0607, for more information or to volunteer.

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