Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks to our donors,

As of March 8, nearly $3,000 in donations from Fauquier County Public Library patrons have been collected since mid-February when the library launched its Love My Library campaign.
More than $1,300 donated to the library has been earmarked for specific books and other items while nearly $1,500 has been monetary donations.

“We are so grateful for the people who have come forward to show their support for the library,” says Library Director Maria Del Rosso, “it’s a great start toward closing the budget gap and it has energized us to work even harder to get the word out to our patrons.”

The library plans to continue the campaign by highlighting a different way to support the collection each month, so watch for details, but see how you can help now.

Below are the names of our those who made donations to the library from Feb. 15 through March 8, 2010:

Tom Baccei
Bruce Boess for William
Gloria Bowman
Julia Bridstrup
Sven Bridstrup
Feliecia Brooks in honor of Breanna Detwiler
Feliecia Brooks in memory of John Detwiler
Marie Browning in honor of John Marshall Library staff
Vickie Burns in honor of Faith, Hannah and Hope Burnham
Priscilla Chen
Judy & Bill Clair in honor of Clair grandchildren
Julie M. Cleveland in memory of Julia Ranier
Violet Cleveland in memory of Julia Ranier
Sara Collette
William Corddry
Deborah Cosby in memory of Nelson L. Tinsley
Deborah Cosby in memory of Staff Sgt. Nelson L. Tinsley
Hilary "Pete" Costello, Jr. in memory of Beverly Jean Costello
Pam Dannaf
Peggy Dearden
Samran Funkhouser
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gookin
Steve Hadley
Juergen Hauber
Martha P. Holloran in memory of Jean Elizabeth Galbraith
John A. Jeffery
Cornelia Jennings in honor of Jane & Jim Friel
Amanda Johnson in honor of Max Johnson
Julie Jones
Julie Jones in honor of Carolyn Gail Largen
Milaki Jones in honor of Elizabeth Franklin
Joyce Kaminski in honor of Maxmillian Johnson
Judy Lamana in memory of Aggie O'Rapport
Liza Larson
Maureen Lewis
M. M. Martin
Cindy Mullins in memory of Matt Welty
Charles Murphy in memory of Jacquelin D. Murphy
Christine Petty in memory of Jean Elizabeth Galbraith
William & Lenore Plissner
Ruth P. Poland
Johnetta Pruitt in memory of Triv Towery
Ratliff Family
Gail Ritchie in memory of C. L. "Boots" Ritchie
Meghan Roddy in honor of Heldner Roddy
Barbara Rosch
Mary Keith Ruffner
Barbara & Keith Severin
Alice Shelman in memory of American Veterans
Paula Slack
Dawn J. Sowers
Beth Stenberg
Mary Thompson in honor of Sara Wilkins Warren
Leslie White in memory of Nancy T. Beydler
John Whiting
Kathleen Willingham
Jacob Wimpy
Samuel Wimpy
Trinity Wimpy
Linda Yowell in honor of Eva Merical
Linda Yowell in honor of Steven Pasquale
Zito Family

See some of the titles donated in 2009 to honor individuals.

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