Thursday, April 29, 2010

Donations needed for magazines, including children’s titles

The library continues to seek donations for magazine subscriptions in order to bridge the gap in the library’s budget created by cut-backs.

Library supporters have been coming to the aid of Fauquier County public libraries by donating funds for magazine subscriptions in danger of not being renewed, but many magazines, especially children’s titles, are still in need of adoption. Magazines available for adoption are flagged on the magazine shelves at all three public library branches.

Mother’s Day and teachers’ greeting cards are still available for a limited time to acknowledge donations made in honor of mothers and favorite teachers.

Get details on the many ways you can support your library. If you have questions, contact Fran Burke-Urr.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Libraries taking ‘snapshot’ of typical day

Libraries all over Virginia are holding a “Snapshot Day” this month to collect information and photos that illustrate the impact that Virginia libraries make in their communities on a typical day. Fauquier County public libraries are participating on Tuesday, April 27.

The Virginia Library Association hopes to capture a “slice of life” in Fauquier libraries. Library customers have the chance to comment on what their library means to them, and later, pictures from Fauquier and other libraries in Virginia will be available on the Snapshot Flickr page.

Visit your Fauquier County Public Library on April 27 and be a part of Snapshot Day 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Agreements with other county libraries expand choices

Reciprocal borrowing agreements among library systems opens the door to thousands and thousands of items, including books, CDs, movies, audio books - whatever libraries own that circulates.

Some people are not aware that Fauquier County Public Library has agreements with many of the surrounding library systems, some of them quite large. This allows Fauquier library card holders to borrow from more than 11 area systems comprising more than 70 libraries. See what libraries Fauquier County has reciprocal borrowing agreements with.

In turn, if you have a library card from a library in a county with a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Fauquier County, you may borrow from any Fauquier library branch.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Library donations honor Moms, teachers and others

If you are tired of giving the same old flowers or fruit baskets to honor your mother on Mother’s Day, why not try something different this year and make a donation to the library in her honor.
The library will send your mother a special Mother’s Day card notifying her of the donation if you choose, and will acknowledge your gift on a bookplate placed in an item on the subject of your choosing.

Teachers may be honored in this way as well. The library will send you a special card to present to your favorite teacher and a bookplate will be placed in an item on the subject of your choice.

Learn more ways to support the library.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Communities thrive at libraries during tough economic times

National Library Week is April 11-17, so it's a perfect time to reflect on the value of librarians and of the library, especially its roll as a community center.

In times of economic hardship Americans turn to – and depend on – their libraries and librarians. From free access to books and online resources for everyone in the family, to library “business” centers that help support entrepreneurship and retraining, libraries are part of the solution when a community is struggling economically.

As more and more people look for employment, Fauquier County Public Library is helping level the playing field for job seekers with programs such as interview workshops presented by The Work Place, free Internet and ESL classes and with a wide array of resources for job seekers. (Many businesses now only accept online job applications, so it is not surprising that library staff members are reporting many patrons are turning to library computers and Internet access to find work, apply for jobs online, type resumes and cover letters, and open e-mail accounts.)

Recently the library formed a partnership with Fauquier Health, and it works with numerous other community agencies and organizations throughout the year to continually improve and enhance library services for its patrons.

Some organizations, such as The Friends of the Fauquier Library, Cedar Run Garden Club, Literacy Volunteers, Liberty High School National Honor Society, work with the library year-round on the community's behalf. And, while some library partners support established services and help introduce new services for children, teens, or adults, others work with the library to present special programs.

Corporate or business partners may work with the library on special projects, as Borders and Dominion Virginia Power did last year and does on an ongoing basis, while others choose to support the library by donating funds for special events, such as those presented during the summer reading programs: summer of 2009 corporate sponsors included D.C. United, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, and the Marshall McDonalds.

Other community organizations that the library has recently partnered with or received support from are: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Fauquier Family Shelter, Bluemont Concert Series, Foundation for Tax Assistance, Highland School, Community Services Roundtable, Fauquier Heritage Institute, Head Start, Historic Resources Roundtable, Partnership for Warrenton, Southern Fauquier Business Association, and Southern Fauquier Historical Society.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Health and wellness information readily accessible

When you, a friend or family member is faced with health concerns, finding reliable information on conditions and treatments becomes an important next step.

Fortunately, Fauquier County Public Library and Fauquier Health are working together to make free, reliable health and wellness resources accessible to everyone all day every day.

As a result of this partnership, librarians can provide reference services to hospital patients and their families in person, over the telephone (540-347-8750, ext. 6) and via e-mail.

Library and hospital Web sites are linked to one another so that access to health and wellness resources are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the country. The library's Health and Wellness Resources page comprises:

  • links to hundreds of medical journals, health-related videos and medical reference information
  • recommended Web sites on diseases and conditions, consumer information, state and local health services, and health statistics
  • books, DVDs, and magazines by topic
  • online book lists

And the library provides printed lists of titles available at Fauquier libraries on a variety of topics to supplement the hospital’s expansive health education programs.