Thursday, May 20, 2010

Library receives classics, Civil War documentary through grant

Fauquier County Public Library was one of 4,000 libraries across the country selected to receive a We the People Bookshelf grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in cooperation with the American Library Association (ALA).

The award is part of the NEH’s We the People initiative, which supports projects that strengthen the teaching, study, and understanding of American history and culture. NEH and ALA have distributed 17,000 We the People Bookshelf grants to school and public libraries across the country since 2003.

The week of May 24, 2010, all of the county’s public libraries are displaying the new collection, which includes hardcover editions of 17 classic books on the theme of “A More Perfect Union” for students in kindergarten through high school. Also included as bonus materials are DVD editions of The Civil War, the award-winning documentary by Ken Burns.

The library will be presenting programs on the theme of “A More Perfect Union” for children, teens and adults through early 2011.

For more information about We the People Bookshelf programs at the library, call or e-mail Cynthia Taylor, (540) 349-1936.

Check out all We the People Bookshelf selections.

Image courtesy of Julie Paschkis.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you, donors!

Fauquier County Public Library has had a good response to its Love My Library campaign for donations to help close the book budget's shortfall. Since the campaign began in mid-February, more than $7,100 has been donated to the library for books, magazines, and other items.
Although we still have a long way to go, we must take the time to acknowledge those who have donated so generously to the library so far. In a previous post we acknowledged those who donated early in the campaign.

Below are the names of those who made donations from March 9 through April 30, 2010.
Diana Akers
Kelva Alexander
Suzanne Allan, in honor of Svea and Erica Allan
Suzanne, David, Svea and Erica Allan, in honor of Audrey and Fred Wilson
The Virginia Allans, in honor of Gaily's Birthday
Sarah Atkins
Allan Badrow
Aidan Baillargeon, in honor of Tamara Smuts and no naps
Aidan Baillargeon, in honor of Aunt Paige
Henry and Ursula Baxley, in honor of Bob Sinclair's retirement
Ursula Baxley, in honor of Debbie Cosby
Ursula Baxley, in honor of Henry Baxley
Ursula Baxley, in honor of Joan Fries
Linda A. Bekermeier, in honor of Janet and Frank Harth
Linda A. Bekermeier, in honor of Jean and John Balogh
Linda A. Bekermeier, in honor of Kara, Mike, Jon, Katherine, Joe, Anne, and Matthew
Linda A. Bekermeier, in honor of Susan and Bob Makeever
Linda A. Bekermeier, in memory of Edna Bekermeier
Warren and Mary Bernard, in honor of Nancy Bernard
Liam Bizier, in honor of Liam
Blue Ridge Health Spa, in memory of Hylton Ellis Wilkerson
Bonnie and Chris Bogert
Merle Book, in honor of Liberty High graduates serving in the military
Laurene Bridges, in memory of her husband and daughter
Earl and Marie Browning, in honor of Johnetta Pruitt
Marie Browning, in honor of John Marshall Library staff
Jennifer Bush, in honor of Ho'ola Bush
Jennifer Bush, in honor of Imani Bush
Jennifer Bush, in honor of Joshua Bush
Jennifer Bush, in honor of Justyn Bush
Jennifer Bush, in honor of Phillip Bush III Family
Chacey Clair, Judy and Bill in honor of the Clair grandchildren
Julie M. Cleveland, in memory of Julia Ranier
Violet Cleveland, in memory of Julia Ranier
E. Constantindes
Richard and Jeanne T. Cooper
Deborah Cosby, in memory of Nelson L. Tinsley
Deborah Cosby, in memory of Nelson L. Tinsley
Deborah Cosby, in memory of Staff Sgt. Nelson L. Tinsley
Cheryl and Richard Crow
Ray and Diane Cultrera
Pam Dannaf
Sharon Darling, in memory of Jackson Yowell
Peggy Dearden, in honor of Katie and Rachel
The Del Rosso Family
Jeff Dombroff
Sylvia Dugan
David Durica
Emogene Eaton
Laure Egbert, in honor of Marlene Gembarowski
Helen Fortina
Joan Fries, in honor of Deborah Cosby and staff
Andi Frisk
Cory Frisk Jr.
Samran Funkhouser
Roberta S. Galanis, in memory of Barbara Arnold
Roberta S. Galanis, in memory of Christopher G. Galanis
Roberta S. Galanis, in memory of Doris Shreve
Karin Gettings, in honor of John Marshall Library staff
Karin Gettings, in honor of Marshall Afternoon Book Club
Jim Ginther
Vicky Ginther
Meghan and Stacie Griffin
Linda Grove, in memory of Jonathan Lyall
Kelly Haber
Brady and Reilly Halsey
Brady and Reilly Halsey, in honor of “Our Loving Grandma” Marilyn Williams
Liam Harris
Juergen Hauber
Lyn Herdt
Hilleary Family in honor of Dan Hilleary
Kerry and Marianne Hines
Annie Hunter
Mary Jackson
Cornelia Jennings, in honor of Jane and Jim Friel
Rachel Johnson
Anton James Keller
The Lawrence Family
The Lee Family in honor of Lee Boys
Patricia Leonard
Greg Mayer
Jason and Jimmy McAvoy
Janet Melancon
Linda Mifflin
Molly Morgan
Molly Morgan, in honor of Cordymay
Molly Morgan, in honor of Tanker
Christine E. Orr, in memory of Bob Orr
Clint and Judy Pease
Piedmont Lace Guild of Virginia
Joanne and Rich Pinette, in memory of Maxwell
Johnetta Pruitt, in memory of Book Buddies: Mary McDonnell, Lucille Davis, Nell Sisk, Ann Morgan, Mildred Putnam
Carol Pye
Tommy W. Read, in memory of Juanita C. Read
Richard and Elly Riedel, in memory of Rose Andreas Riedel
Richard and Ellyin Riedel, memory of Bessie Way Fogle
Gail Ritchie, in memory of C. L. "Boots" Ritchie
Richard and Andria Roe
Rita and George Rowand, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. H. Hemmench
Susan Ruppel
Jerrie Rutledge
Helen M. Saulsbury
Loretta and Brian Saxe
Judy Scheuble
Judy Scheuble, in honor of Parker Hylton
Judy Scheuble, in honor of Skyler Riggio
Doris and Sherry Hume Simmons, in honor of The Iron Tree Antiques and Tree Garden
John and Kayt Erdahl Simpers
Beth Stenberg
Carolyn Stinger
Rob and Jen Strickland, in honor of children Colin, Morgan, Allie and Josie
Rob and Jen Strickland, in honor of daughters Morgan, Allie and Josie
Linda J. Suter
Bess and Hannah Taylor, in honor of Hannah E. Taylor
Mary Thompson, in honor of Sara Wilkins Warren
Merilyn Truxal-Hamburg
Merilyn Truxal-Hamburg, in honor of Merilyn and Bob Hamburg
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker, in honor of Otto
Barbara Warner, in memory of Virginia Snyder
Sara W. Warren, in honor of the McCarty Family
Jane Weaver
Patricia White Wolf, in honor of the Dalai Lama
Amy Wiedenfeld
Mark Wiedenfeld
Robin Williams, in memory of Patricia K. Ruffner
John and Gloria Woodson, in memory of Melody's Canticle of Tob Tara

Monday, May 10, 2010

Share your memories, photos of Bealeton Depot

Fauquier County Public Library is searching for people who have memories and photos of the Bealeton Station train depot, which was once located on the primary rail route that connected Fauquier County with Washington, D.C. During its heyday, many travelers passed through the Bealeton Station depot on the way to the nation’s capitol. Now it is part of the Bealeton Library complex and is being renovated and will soon serve as a community and library program room.
If you have photos, writings, or would be willing to be interviewed about your memories of the depot, please e-mail or call Dawn Sowers, (540) 349-1253.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Volunteers present varied gifts

What do teens, retired men and women, Santa Claus, and therapy dogs all have in common? The answer is that library volunteers often fall into at least one of these categories.

Fauquier County Public Library recently honored its volunteers during a celebration held in Warrenton. Those attending soon learned how valuable library volunteers are and how diverse their skills. The library board chairman, the library director and library staff members representing every branch and all library services stepped up to the podium, one after another, to acknowledge the contributions of library volunteers.

The audience learned that over the past year 165 people and three dogs volunteered more than 5,200 hours of their time to the library. Library Board Chairman Barbara Severin pointed out that, according to the Volunteer Virginia website, the hourly value of a Virginia volunteer is $20.53. By this calculation, the monetary value of last year’s contribution by library volunteers exceeded $106,000.

Volunteers were involved with day-to-day operations, donating their time at the Warrenton, Bealeton, and John Marshall libraries. These volunteers helped process thousands of new and donated books, repaired and cleaned materials, transcribed historical documents, and assisted staff with special projects and programs that included such highlights as the appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

Sixty teens donated approximately 600 hours to ensure the success of the 2009 summer reading program by registering participants and assisting staff with program preparations. For many, this volunteer service was their first work experience, giving them a valuable introduction to the working world while benefitting the library. Many of the teen volunteers had participated in the library’s summer reading programs as children or were still participating in the teen summer reading programs, too.

Forty-five Friends of the Fauquier Library volunteers donated more than 2,500 hours to operate the Book Cellar, a used bookstore located in Warrenton. (See more about the Book Cellar below.) Proceeds from the Book Cellar fund most of the library’s special events for children, teens and adults, including the summer reading programs, family movies, science surprises and other afterschool programs. The Friends of the Library also generously sponsor the annual volunteer reception.

Sixteen volunteers donated 32 hours to guarantee the success of the library’s Gumdrop Square programs, which offer Head Start children an opportunity to enjoy a holiday story time at the popular holiday venue and to “shop” for gifts for family members.

Several other volunteers were acknowledged for their ongoing contributions. Honor students from Liberty High School spend every week throughout the school year at the Bealeton Library tutoring grade school children in any subject they need help with. Translators present beginning Internet classes in Spanish at the Bealeton Library and help staff prepare library informational brochures in Spanish as well. Literacy Volunteers help present English as a Second Language classes at all three branches.

The Cedar Run Garden Club was recognized for maintaining the beautiful gardens at the Warrenton and Bealeton libraries year-round, periodically rejuvenating the gardens with new plantings. The small, but charming garden at the Warrenton Library surrounds a lovely fountain with a bronze statue of a girl reading donated by renowned sculptor Heath King in the early1990s.

It was noted that the five Library Board of Trustees members volunteer countless hours planning and overseeing the library’s management in order to ensure Fauquier citizens enjoy the best library services possible.

Finally, three dogs and their owners were recognized for their participation in the John Marshall Library’s “Paws to Read” program. The certified pet therapy dogs listen quietly as children read to them. This is an encouraging experience for young readers, who gain confidence reading aloud to their nonjudgmental canine listeners.

Mrs. Severin pointed out how gratifying it is to be able to point to the volunteer contributions each year when the library board submits its annual justification for the library’s operating budget to the board of supervisors. She commented that such strong volunteer support in all areas of library operations is persuasive evidence of citizen commitment to the library.