Thursday, October 7, 2010

Children’s magazines spotlighted this month

October is Children’s Magazine Month so it is interesting to note that, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, circulation of children’s materials at public libraries is 50 percent higher in school districts scoring in the top third of a standardized reading test than those scoring in the lowest third.

While we usually think of books when we think of children and reading, this month’s spotlight on children’s magazines reminds us that magazines are also a fun and convenient way to encourage children to read. The colorful pages in magazines make them an effective way to help children increase their reading skills. At the same time, magazines can inspire interest in a variety of topics, engage readers in social issues, help them practice counting and sharpen math skills or get their creative juices flowing.

Fauquier County Public Library subscribes to more than 20 magazines covering a diverse range of topics with something for every age level - children, tweens, and teens. Current issues can be enjoyed in the library and back issues can be checked out for more in-depth perusal.

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