Sunday, October 17, 2010

We appreciate our “Friends”

It’s National Friends of the Library Week and libraries all over the country are honoring their Friends. This library would like to extend a sincere, appreciative “thank you” to our special friends, the Friends of the Fauquier Library, a nonprofit organization that provides funding for library services, equipment and programs for children, teens and adults.

During these difficult economic times Friends of the Fauquier Library donations mean more than ever before. The organizations' generous donations expand and enrich the library's regular budget by helping provide programs, training and equipment that would not be possible to fund otherwise.

“I don’t know where we would be without the Friends,” says Library Director Maria Del Rosso. “They helped sponsor hundreds of library programs every year that would not have been possible through funds normally available for library operations. I think most patrons would be surprised to learn how many of the services and programs they enjoy are supported by the Friends.”

Friends donations are raised primarily through proceeds from the Book Cellar, a used book store in Old Town Warrenton, and from membership dues, which start at $15. Currently, anyone joining the Friends or renewing their membership will receive a coupon for an attractive, tote bag bearing the Friends logo. Membership forms are available at all Fauquier libraries and at the Book Cellar.

Book Cellar volunteers, most of whom are Friends members, are crucial to the operations and vitality of the Friends of the Fauquier Library, but there are rewards for volunteers, too.

“The library has always played such an important role in my life and in my family’s life,” said Friends president Tina Ross. “I truly enjoy being able to give something back – and being an active member of this group is fun!”

Call (540) 439-1939 for more information about the Friends or to volunteer in the Book Cellar.

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