Thursday, February 3, 2011

Donors helping to add films to library shelves

Many donors are already familiar with the library’s wish lists for children and adults. They know how easy it is to pick one or more titles, pay online, and know that Amazon will make their donations directly to the library.

Film lovers will be interested in learning that the library now has an Amazon wish list for DVDs. The library’s DVD collection currently includes a wide variety of topics such as travel; pet care; nature; PBS specials; health; crafts; gardening; how-tos; foreign films; silent classics; mystery series, musicals, plays, animation classics, beloved children's tales, and book-based series such as All Creatures Great and Small.

The new wish list includes titles that would be great additions to the library and include selections for all ages and interests, such as Disney’s Mulan and Bambi, teen flicks such as Clueless and the Princess Diaries, British film classics, mysteries and many award-winning films. View the entire wish list of nearly 100 items and see how easy it is to support your library. When ordering, be sure to check the box “This will be a gift” so that the library is notified of your donation.

Also, see recently added items already on the shelves for adults and children.

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