Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Merci beaucoup! Donors come through for library

Thanks to library supporters, donations totaling roughly $4,460 were received during the months of October, November and December. An anonymous donor contributed $2,000 specifically to purchase adult new reader materials and to refresh the easy reader and picture book collections.

Fifty-six people have donated more than 140 titles to the library, many in honor or in memory of loved ones, during this period. Contributions of $29,393 have been tallied for the first half of fiscal year 2012, which is 68 percent of the library’s fundraising goal of $43,000 for the year. As Madeline would say, “Merci beaucoup!”

Below are the names of donors who contributed October through December 2011:
Darlene M. Abel, Betty Ann Ash, Kelly Baumgartner in memory of Janine MacDonald, Margaret and David Binning in honor of Neil and Estelle Bromilow, Margaret and David Binning in honor of Kirk and Clayann Binning, Margaret and David Binning in honor of Mary and David Howard, Helen and Scott Christian, Helen Christian in memory of Jane Sprague deButts, Ann Corrado in memory of Galeta, Peggy Dearden in honor of Katie and Rachel Crowe, Rebecca Dooley in memory of Marguerite Abbot, Vicki Freeman in memory of Keghan and Lucy Freeman, Terri Garonzik in honor of Lynne M. Johnson DVM and staff, Karen Gettings, Leo Graham, Barbara and Michael Greene, Jaxon Hammond, Tom Harris in honor of Connor Harris, Tom Harris in honor of Liam Harris, Georgia H. Herbert in honor of Catherine, Elizabeth and Liam Merchant,
William L. Hopkins, The Hodul Family in honor of Mrs. Carrie Vaughn, Karen Jackson, Katherine Jameson in honor of The Reverend Michael Mohn, Gail Jeffries, Jack Jeffery, Amy Kaye in honor of Jessica, Amy Kaye in honor of Shelby, Kyla and Marissa Kunkel, Douglas Larson in memory of Miriam Bucher, Eliza C. Larson in memory of Alejandro Corcino, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Larson in memory of Edith Larson, Pat Leonard in honor of Alice Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis, Muriel McCabe, Terry McCuin for Izabell Marie Puryear, Teresa K. McNeely in honor of Daniel J. Kerley Sr., Kathryn McSweeney, Muddy Paws Pet Salon, Imogene Murray in honor of the Bealeton Library staff, Robert and Pamela Myers for Paige Ann Makely, Leo and Christy Obrst in memory of Delores Hladio, Ruth P. Poland, Melanie C. Rightmyer, Barbara Severin, Louise Signorelli in honor of Jennifer Signorelli, Louise Signorelli in honor of Joseph Signorelli, Beth Stenberg in memory of Rick Dorkey, Linda Suter, Laura Symanski in honor of Diane Burgess, Cynthia Taylor in memory of Virginia Anderson, William and Jacqueline Thomas, M.E. Thompson, Mary Trussell in memory of Luke Andrew Melancon, Sue and Larry Weaver, Drs. David and Melissa Wiedenfeld, and 9 anonymous donors.

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