Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad weather coming, don't forget the essentials

Bad weather is coming our way? If you think you'll be trapped indoors for a while, make sure to stop by the library to pick up books for yourself or the whole family. Don't overlook the magazines (maybe explore something new?), and while there, pick up a couple of movies or how-to DVDs, too.

There is nothing better than hunkering down in front of a fire or wrapping yourself in your favorite quilt and curling up with a good read (or film) while the wind and snow swirls around your house.

No time to stop by the library? If you have an e-reader you can always download e-books and e-audio books. Or, if you are worried about your overdues, log in to your account to renew items - you can even log in from your smart phone. And, while you are there, browse the catalog and place holds to pick up when the weather clears.

That's the fun stuff about being snowed in, but don't forget the practical side of things. Planning ahead is always a good idea, so be sure to review these tips and build an emergency kit if you can. Even if you don't have time to buy new supplies, you can assemble as many of the suggested items you have already and keep them close at hand.

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