Monday, February 6, 2012

New (or renewed) habit for this year: Using your online library account

This winter is a perfect time for establishing an online library account, or, reviewing all the things you've forgotten that you can do with an online account. Here are some reminders. With an online account you can:
  • Access your library record from home - Tending a sick family member? Snowed in? Insomnia? All good times to review due dates, check on holds, renew items, and peruse the lists you've been keeping at the library.  
  • Update your contact information (telephone and e-mail address) - This will save you time on your next library visit if you have changes the library needs to know about. 
  • Renew items you have checked out - It's easy to forget items in a child's room that got covered with stuffed animals or the book that slid under the car seat when you braked for the squirel jumping in front of you. This is a good way to see what you've checked out and renew them while you gather things up to return. 
  • Place holds - Be the first to check out that new best seller or get that "how-to" book or DVD on a skill you've been wanting to try. 
  • Create Lists -  Want to creat a list about an author, a subject or even a keyword? Then you'll want to learn how to create a preferred search list. 
  • Keep track of your reading history - Want to tell a friend about a great book you read and can't remember the title or the author? You have the option of keeping your reading history.   
Don't have an online account? Create one now.

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