Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keep your favorite magazines on library shelves

All Fauquier County public libraries are seeking magazine subscription “adoptions” to help supplement the library’s materials budget during what it calls a Love My Library campaign.

The library’s materials budget, much of which comes from state funds, has been reduced by 14 percent since 2008, while library use continues to rise.

Several people have already generously stepped forward with the funds needed to renew magazine subscriptions this year, but many magazines still need funding. You can ensure your favorite magazines are available for everyone’s enjoyment by “adopting” a magazine subscription for a year.

Look for adoption forms on the front of unsupported magazines at your local library. Return completed forms to any library staff member along with a check in the amount needed to purchase the chosen magazine subscriptions. Shortly after you send in an adoption form you will receive a card in the mail confirming your gift and, with your permission, an acknowledgment will be placed on the magazine donated.

If you have questions, e-mail Fran Burke-Urr or call (540) 422-8504. See other ways you can support the library.

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