Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you donors!

It is always so gratifying to thank our donors. Their generosity will be enjoyed by many people in the community for years to come.

The following people and organizations made donations to Fauquier County Public Library (April-June 2012):

Karen Alewine, Patricia Balasco Barr, Ursula Baxley, Paul Benevento, Paul and Dianna Blackmer, Sven Bridstrup, Marie Browning, Janette Burley, Mairead Carr, Leslie Cox, Henry Darlington Jr., Peggy Dearden, Jeff Dombroff,
John Simpers and Kayt Erdahl, Fauquier Chamber of Commerce, Pamela Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friedline, Karin Gettings, Mrs. Richard Gookin, John G. Green, Joan Howard, H. Thomas Howell,
Bruce Hutchison, Andrew M. Johnson, Sue Kellon, Avis Kessler, Nicole Letson, Maureen Lewis, Jason and Jimmy McAvoy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Menuet, Mulford Mediation, Antoinette Murphy, Abigail Shirley Myers, Lisa Vrooman Myers, Peter Frederick Myers, Mr. and Mrs. William Plissner, The Ratliff Family, Janet E. Rose, Mary K. Ruffner, Brian and Loretta Saxe, Peter Schwartz, Sally Shero-Letson, Alice Shelman, Paula M. Slack, Dawn Sowers, Linda and John Suter, Nancy Telfer, Jacqueline Thomas, Anita G. Tortorella, Clay Voight, Warrenton Stamp and Coin Club, Amy Wiedenfeld, Mark Wiedenfeld, John Woodson

Interested in donating to the library? See how.

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