Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Branch Manager Named Marshall District Citizen of the Year

On January 10, Marshall District Supervisor Peter Schwartz named John Marshall Branch Manager Deborah Cosby “Marshall District Citizen of the Year.”  In his presentation, Supervisor Schwartz highlighted Debbie’s work with children to instill the love of reading.  He also commended her for the  excellent service she and her staff provide to patrons of all ages and background.

The Library Board and staff are thrilled with Debbie’s award.  Barbara Severin, Chairman of the Library Board, said in a letter thanking Supervisor Schwartz, “We have long known about Debbie’s enthusiasm and dedication to John Marshall Library patrons.  It’s nice to have others publicly acknowledge her work.”

In 2011, Debbie marked 25 years with the library.  Here’s a link to an article marking her anniversary.     


  1. You guys got it right! Debbie is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Marshall is lucky to have her!

  2. As a resident of Marshall for the past 30 years,My congratulations to Debbie. She represents all that is good in our town. Thank you Debbie and of course the rest of the staff at the Marshall branch. Ed Kiehl