Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last but far from least

In this, the last of three entries about the winners of our Teen Poetry and Short Story Challenge, we are
pleased to share with you the entries of the three students who were awarded Third Place.

Sara Dunn, who earned Third Place in the Grades 9-12 category,  takes us far from Warrenton to Siberia, and its ice and snow.
Boom Town
Siberia is lovely this time of year.
A barren wasteland of ice sheets and frozen noses, a whispering and whipping winter wasteland.
But that's been done before.
How about the Urals?
Also frozen, but something new.
(click here for full text)

Blake Bogin, who tied for Third Place in the Grades 6-8 category, clearly illustrates her passion for riding:
Where I'm From 
I'm from riding all day, to feeding treats late at night,
from running to catch that loose horse that is galloping too fast.
I am from cleaning the stall, to bedding it down with fresh sawdust,
I'm from filling water buckets and cleaning endless bridles and saddles.
(Click here for full text)

Claire Sutliff, who also tied for Third-Place, provides a glimpse into the challenge of moving, making friends and the joys of friendship in her winning entry
Surrounded by people I love,
But can no longer see through my heart,
and are no longer trusted by me.
(Click here for full text)

It is refreshing to see teenagers writing (perhaps with a keyboard and not a pen, but writing nonetheless) and to witness the talented evident in the 150+ entries we received for the Challenge. The question has already been asked, "When is the NEXT challenge?"  No date has been set, but stay tuned for details and how you can enter!

Until the 2014 Challenge, keep writing!

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