Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet the winners

The Fauquier County Public Library ended National Poetry month with the announcement of the winners in the first Annual Teen Poetry and Short Story Challenge.  

The number of entrants and the strong turnout by contestants, friends, teachers, grandparents and others at the award ceremony on April 30th were clear indicators that the contest was a hit with local teens. 

We are pleased to share the entries of the First-, Second- and Third-Place winners, in a three-part series. Read on to learn a little about each contestant and enjoy their winning submissions. 

Sisters Rachel and Jewel Potter took top honors, as did Jenna Devanney, who tied with Jewel Potter for First Place Grades 6-8 category. 

It's hard to say if certain traits run in a family, but it certainly appears that for the Potter family, a love for writing does.  
Rachel, who writes under the pen name R.E. Potter, aspires to be a published author. The following is an excerpt from her winning entry in the Grades 9-12 category: 
To Stella
Some are Suns, and some are Moons, 
And some of us are Stars; 
And some of us shine brightly
In this universe of ours; 
The greatest ones shine bright and clear
Outshining all the rest
But is it brilliance and size
That make the best men best? 

Jewel Potter, like her elder sister, also aspires to be an author. She tied for first-place in the Grades 6-8 category. 
Shadow on the Wall 
In the evening, early evening, 
As the light began to die, 
As the sun was downwards creeping, 
Downwards, downwards from the sky, 
Then I saw a phantom near me
As the light began to fall, 
A spectre, silent and unmoving, 
Just a shadow on the wall. 
Jenna Devanney, who was one of two first-place winners in the Grades 6-8 category, seems to gather inspiration from animals and nature; she was out riding her horse when she received the call that she had won. 
Call of the Wild
Stop for just a moment and listen. 
Listen to the wind in the leaves. 
The birdsongs. 
The rushing water. 
Hear it calling you. 

More about the other winners coming soon and congratulations to all! 

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