Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet Ernie, the library cat

Hello. You may not have had the pleasure of meeting me yet, but I am Ernie, the library cat.

About eight years ago, the Bealeton library staff found me living a less-than-luxurious life underneath the boarded up Bealeton Depot, outside of the Bealeton Library (I've now fixed up the Depot; you really should take a look).

Anyway, back to our story. I decided that they were a good group, and I allowed them to adopt me. Though I am magnificent in many ways, I also have extra toes which add to my overall dashing appearance and distinction. The ladies at the library, being book lovers, named me after Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer who had a collection of cats with extra toes, also known as polydactyl cats. So I was named Ernest P. Hemingway - the "P" standing for "polydactyl."

My friends just call me Ernie.

Ernie ruling from inbox
Since I've allowed the library staff to adopt me, life has been good. I live in the workroom of the Bealeton library, and I run the library from there. You can often find me in the manager's chair (my rightful place), in staff members' inboxes, or near my own collection of books.  I stave off boredom by chasing my tail, which is not as easy as it may look. I take my job of guarding the parking lot very seriously, and I can often be found keeping watch. It may look like I am sleeping, but trust me, I can spring into action very quickly if squirrels or butterflies invade my territory. 

Sometimes, my fans come to greet me at the library. As any true gentleman would, I realize that not everyone may like cats, as we can be a bit aloof, and cause some folks to sneeze. So I stay in the workroom and let my fans admire me from the entrance. The librarians here seem to think that all of these people are coming here for books, the fun programs and the great service, but I know they are really coming to see me.

Ernie at St Basil's Cathedral, Russia
Overall, I must say that I do a fine job of managing the Bealeton library. It's a big job (plus I have to keep all these librarians in line - geesh!). Alas, that means I can't get away for a much needed vacation, but I can vacation vicariously with you! You see, over the past few years, my good friends who use the Bealeton library have taken me to some fun places (well, technically not ME, but the "flat" version aka Flat Ernie, who is, after all, easier to pack in a suitcase and get through airport security).

This year, I am delighted that folks from all over Fauquier County are taking me on vacation.While I love to explore interesting and far-away places, I have fun at local parks, grabbing ice cream or touring local farms, too. So regardless of where your summer travels take you, stop by, pick up a Flat Ernie to take with you, or just come by to say hello.

And, of course, have a purrfectly relaxing summer!

Ernie, the library cat


  1. You look just lovely Earnie! You must be a cousin/look-alike of my cat Sidney named after Mr Sidney Parker in Jane Austen's unfinished novel Sanditon. Regards/ Lil, medical librarian of Karlskrona Medical library, Sweden

  2. As a Blogger/Traveller writer i find my two Persian cats "Matahari" and "Matata" along with 21 year old Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo" ideal companions while working on my computer at home. My house is a mini-library with numerous books and magazines collected over the decades. Thanks to the "INTERNET" thast i now have my library of writings and research stored "ON-LINE". My 4 vyear old tom cat "Matata " is a exact replica of "Ernie" and he loves sleeping in various places of my house/library. The 6 year old female cat "Matahari" loves sleeping over the books kept on the "Coffee Table" shelf.I have covered the coffee table books with a handicraft cloth to prevent destruction of the books. When young "Matahari" had the habit of tearing paper or magazines into shreds.

  3. How wonderful that the town of Bealeton recognizes the amazing work that Ernie is doing and thanks to Ingrid King for sharing Ernie's efforts in her blog, The Conscious Cat. I think my next vacation might take me to Ernie's Library!