Monday, September 30, 2013

New for teens: A blog looking for a name

Last week, we excitedly launched a new blog just for teens and young adults. It will provide great stuff: book reviews and recommendations, suggestions for cool and useful websites, a heads up on teen events and programs and much, much more.

What it's missing is a name! 

Sure, we have some ideas, and our Teen Advisory Group helped us narrow it down, but we would like to hear from more teens - after all, this blog is for you!

What do you think about Reading Riot? Or Teen Shelf? Maybe we should go with Book Thirst? Or do you have a creative and unique title to suggest? We'd love to hear it!  You can cast your vote at any Fauquier County Public Library location, or you can take our online poll and let us know what you think.

The new blog is written by Fauquier County Public Library youth librarian Ann McDuffie, who works closely with the teen community near the Bealeton library, including its Teen Advisory Group.  Ann will be looking to expand the Bealeton library's teen program early next year with a Teen Writing Club. You guessed it; the first place you will hear more details about that will be her blog.

If you are a teenager, I hope you will check out our new blog. If you are the parent of a teen, it is a good resource for you too. After all, it will give you a central source for news about what is hot in young adult literature and information about local teen events at your library.

Check it out, cast your vote and make it one of your go-to sources for teen info and resources!

Happy Reading!

Lisa @ the Fauquier County Public Library

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Can we talk about books?

I’ve belonged to one book club or another for much of my adult life. Truth be told, I reluctantly joined that first book club so many years ago, hesitant that it would match my reading taste and hectic commuter schedule. Had my husband not nudged and prodded, I probably would have never started going to the meetings.

Several book clubs later, I can say that every book club I have joined has had its own personality; some were serious, some opened my eyes to new authors, some led me to read books I would have never picked up otherwise. I enjoyed each of them.

Which book club is right for you?
Maybe you don't have a lot of time to read, or don’t know where to find a book club that will be a good fit for you and your reading interests. Where do you start?

Use the list below as your guide to the genre and meeting time/date to select the best book club for you. With so many options at your local library, you should be able to find one that works for you.
Great Books Club – meets at 7 p.m. the first Monday of each month at the Warrenton Library. They will be discussing The House with the Mezzanine by Anton Chekhov in October.

Adult Mystery Book Club – meets at noon the third Thursday of each month at the John Barton Payne Building. The group will be discussing Feast Day of Fools by James Lee Burke in October.

Bealeton Book Club – meets at 7:30 p.m., usually on the third Monday of each month at the Bealeton Library.  They will be discussing The Forgetting Tree by Tatjana Soli at their October meeting.

Marshall Book Club Meeting
Marshall Book Club - Afternoon  – meets at 1 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at the John Marshall Library.  In October, they will be discussing The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

Marshall Book Club - Evening – meets at 7 p.m., usually the last Monday of the month. They will be discussing The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar at their October meeting.

Marshall Book Club Annual Tea
Book clubs on the move!
Certainly talking about books is what these book clubs are all about – but sometimes that takes them outside the walls of the library.  Just this month, the Afternoon and Evening Marshall Book Clubs were on the move.

Trip to 2013 National Book Festival

The Marshall Afternoon Book Club's September meeting was their annual tea, where they enjoyed good company, wonderful treats and their favorite Nora Ephron works.  And this past weekend, a small group of Marshall Book Club members travelled to the National Book Festival in Washington, DC to explore the books and authors being celebrated during this annual event.

Still not ready to join?
If your still not convinced that a book club is right for you, but are looking for interesting books, you may be inspired by one of our book club’s reading lists. When I am perplexed as to what to read next, those lists are my first stop. Invariably I find at least one book that intrigues me or tempts me to venture outside my comfort zone.  If that fails, our Book Notes blog is a great resource where I can choose from “Read Alike” lists, Best Seller Lists or recommendations compiled by library staff for ideas and options.

If you have questions about any of the Fauquier County Public Library book clubs, call (540) 422-8500 to learn more.
I hope we will see you at the next meeting. Until then, happy reading!

Lisa @ the Fauquier County Public Library

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The most important back to school supply

As you prepared your children to head back to school you probably had a checklist of school supplies that you waded through:
Notebooks? Check.
Paper? Check.
Pencils? Check.
Library Card? Not on your list?
September is National Library Card Sign-up month, so if a library card wasn't on your back-to-school list, this is the perfect time to register for one! Throughout the month, libraries across the country will be promoting library cards and encouraging residents to sign up. 
Leading by example, Dr. David Jeck, Division Superintendent, Fauquier County Public Schools, recently joined the ranks of Fauquier County
Public Library card holders. Half of all county residents have a library card. With it, they can access books, eBooks, online databases, digital magazines, health and legal resources, and resources for children and teens.
As students head back to school, they will benefit from an array of free databases, online homework help and programs, activities and clubs that provide an added value to the educational experience. The library can also help children and teens explore and develop new interests, from writing blogs to building with Legos. It can all be found at your local library.

Obtaining a library card is simple: stop by any Fauquier County library location or complete an application online.

Back to that list…. Library Card? Check! 

Lisa @ the Fauquier County Public Library 

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Raising Awareness: Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action month, a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the individuals who do not have sufficient food. It is estimated that one in five children in America are in homes that struggle to provide food for them.  Food insecurity is the term that refers to this issue.  And it’s not just children who are hungry.  

What does this mean in Fauquier County?  Well, as of August, 2013 almost 2,000 Fauquier households participated in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program). 

Feeding America, a nationwide group, challenges us on their website to try living on $4.50 for food a day, which is the average daily per person allowance through SNAP.  This month, Feeding America is highlighting actions you can take to become involved to end hunger in America.

No Kid Hungry, another national organization, provides resources and solutions to eliminate childhood hunger.

These sobering statistics are brought home in Fauquier County through our community food banks that see the ever-growing need for food assistance.

Last year, the Fauquier Community Food Bank published “These are our People”. This book is a compelling mosaic of local people’s life stories that, through various incidents, needed assistance from the food bank.  In addition to copies you can check out at any library branch, this book is also available for purchase through Amazon. Proceeds benefit the Fauquier Community Food Bank.

Another activity during Hunger Action Month is to become aware of your local food banks. Some of these are very small food pantries with limited hours and volunteer staff.  It is always best to inquire if an appointment is needed.  

Here is a brief list of local resources; volunteers and donations are welcome.

Fauquier Community Food Bank and Thrift Store 
Society of St. Vincent de Paul at St. John the Evangelist church: 

Fauquier Education Farm, which provides fresh produce to local food banks.  Volunteer opportunities at the Education Farm are available. 

If you are interested in learning more, visit our website or mobile card catalog

Fauquier County Public Library staff