Monday, September 16, 2013

The most important back to school supply

As you prepared your children to head back to school you probably had a checklist of school supplies that you waded through:
Notebooks? Check.
Paper? Check.
Pencils? Check.
Library Card? Not on your list?
September is National Library Card Sign-up month, so if a library card wasn't on your back-to-school list, this is the perfect time to register for one! Throughout the month, libraries across the country will be promoting library cards and encouraging residents to sign up. 
Leading by example, Dr. David Jeck, Division Superintendent, Fauquier County Public Schools, recently joined the ranks of Fauquier County
Public Library card holders. Half of all county residents have a library card. With it, they can access books, eBooks, online databases, digital magazines, health and legal resources, and resources for children and teens.
As students head back to school, they will benefit from an array of free databases, online homework help and programs, activities and clubs that provide an added value to the educational experience. The library can also help children and teens explore and develop new interests, from writing blogs to building with Legos. It can all be found at your local library.

Obtaining a library card is simple: stop by any Fauquier County library location or complete an application online.

Back to that list…. Library Card? Check! 

Lisa @ the Fauquier County Public Library 

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