Monday, February 10, 2014

How do I love thee....tell us the ways

February. What does it make you think of? Snow? The anomaly of a month with only 28 days? Valentine's Day?

Yep, all of these things come to mind. Here's another distinction that February holds - it's National Love My Library Month!

With hundreds of programs and events for teens, children and adults, a diverse collection of books, CD's, DVD's, eBooks and other resources, it might be hard to point to just one reason why you love the Fauquier County Public library.

To celebrate Love My Library Month, and have some fun as they celebrate their 10-year anniversary at the 11 Willow Drive location, the Bealeton library staff asked patrons to share why they love their library.

Here are just a few of the answers they received:

I Love My Library Because .... 
"It's a place where I can escape every day life and relax"
"They have the Harry Potter movies"
"LEGO club!"
"The library is the best place to study"
"I love reading"
"They have my favorite book"
"The ladies at the front desk are nice"
"It is a fun place to take my children"

Wow! Thanks so much to everyone who shared the reason they love the library. And if you haven't, stop by the Bealeton library any time this month and tell us .... Why do you love the Bealeton library?

Lisa @ the Fauquier County Public Library

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